Develop an integrated rehabilitation system to provide highly personalized upper limb treatment in patients with motor disorders due to brain injury or neurodegenerative disease having as a central pillar the integration of robotic systems and support functions. Implement and evaluate of an innovative robotic extra-skeletal device that will be applied in the form of a glove to the afflicted hand of the neurological patient. The proposed robotic system will: (a) measure various kinetic and kinematic parameters of the extreme hand with a view to assessing the condition and progress of the patient, and (b) provide a specialized rehabilitation program (therapeutic exercises, re-training of working movements and support for day-to-day activities) through an interactive virtual environment provided by the Rehabotics platform.

Rehabotics project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the EU and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE (Project: Rehabotics, code: 5131369).

Define user requirements, use-case and data management specifications in ENIRISST+ platform and implement a set of services regarding shipping, supply chain, transport and logistics.

Design and development of an integrated information system for demonstration facilities such as Museums, Exhibition multi-spaces and Open Labs with the scope of digital documentation of cultural/folklore objects and methods of restoration/correction of their modification and presentation and creation of relevant entities. Design and implementation of an indoor monitoring system responsible to analyze near real time visitors’ movement, in order to evaluate the interest and the corresponding satisfaction of visitors per exhibit.

  • WiSe-PON – “Converging FTTx and Broadband Heterogeneous Wireless Services over Next-Generation Radio-over-Fiber Passive Optical Networks”

Design, implementation and performance evaluation of hanfoff algorithms in RoF networks @60GHz and call admission control policies in heterogeneous broadband next-generation networks.


  • PEGA – “Lifelong Educational Courses for Post-Graduated Students”

Creation of educational material and teaching of both face to face and web based training “Internet Programming and Technologies” course.



  • StuDiAsE – “Student Diagnosis, Assistance, Evaluation System based on Artificial Intelligence”

Design and implementation of a student diagnosis, assisance and evaluation system with artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic techniques in educational environments, either theoretical or laboratory ones.

  • e-tourism – “Innovative web/mobile GIS/LBS e-Services with Augmented Reality features for the tourism sector”

Design and implementation of Location Based e-tourism mobile services and applications for smartphones with augmented reality features.


  • LANDSLIDES – “System Development on Monitoring Slope Stability for the Prevention of Landslides and Training of Local Public Authorities in the Region of Peloponnisos”

Technical leader for the University of Peloponnese during the phase of design and development of Geographic Database, Geographic Information System and Web Geographical Information System using the ArcIMS software package of ArcGIS.