Moscholios Courses

Dr. Moscholios teaches the following courses:
1) Probability and Statistics (1st year, undergraduate course)
2) Communication Networks II (3rd year, undergraduate course)
3) Stochastic Network modeling & Performance Analysis (3rd year, undergraduate course)
4) Large scale statistical methods (postgraduate course in the “MSc in Data Science” organized in collaboration with NCSR Demokritos)
5) Contemporary and Future Communication Networks, (together with Assoc. Prof. A. Kaloxylos), in the MSc Modern Wireless Communications.
He has also taught the courses:
6) Communication Networks Simulation Techniques (4th year, undergraduate course)
7) Advanced Topics in Communication Networks (postgraduate course in the MSc Advanced Telecommunications Systems and Networks)

He has also taught as a Teaching Fellow in the Hellenic Open University, School of Science & Technology, the courses:
1) Specialization in Networks and Communications (postgraduate course)
2) Advanced Networks and Services (undergraduate course)