Communication Networks and Applications Laboratory

The Communication Networks and Applications Laboratory (CNA Lab) exists from 2002 as the Communication Networks and Mobile Systems Laboratory (CNMS Lab) in the Department of Telecommunications’ Science and Technology at the University of the Peloponnese. Currently, the Laboratory houses six (6) faculty members, one (1) laboratory teaching staff, ten (10) PhD students and many postgraduate and undergraduate students. CNA’s research concentrates on future communication systems and services including:


  • Internet Technologies and Applications
  • Network Services and Applications
  • Mobile Wireless Communication Networks
  • Optical Networks and Devices
  • Optical Wireless Networks (indoor, outdoor and underwater)
  • Formal Description Simulation and Verification of Protocols
  • Performance Analysis of Network Protocols
  • Teletraffic and Queueing Theory
  • Sensor Networks and Sensor Networks Management Applications
  • Network Management and Security
  • Earthquake Prediction Research

The academic staff of CNA has more than 500 publications in journals and conferences in the areas of telecommunication’s service creation and provision in fixed and mobile networks, mobile applications, software and middleware technologies, open APIs, web technologies, simulation and performance analysis of communication networks, network management and queueing theory, sensor networks, multimedia communications, optical communications, optical wireless systems, short-range infrared systems, protocol analysis and optimization, outdoor systems, optical wireless channel equalization, compensation techniques, etc.

The academic staff of CNA Lab also participates in numerous European and National research projects.

Members: A.C. Boucouvalas †, K. Yiannopoulos, A. Kaloxylos, I.D. Moscholios, K. Peppas, N.D. Tselikas, and K. Seklou