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Anthony Boucouvalas
Research Interests: Web applications, human computer interaction, communication protocols, sensor networks, power efficient communications, wireless communications, optical communications, optical fibers.
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Alexandros Kaloxylos
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Design and performance analysis and validation of protocols for wireless/mobile networks and services and future internet technologies.
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Ioannis Moscholios
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Teletraffic engineering, performance evaluation and optimization of telecommunication networks, protocol analysis, network simulation, network planning, queueing theory.
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Nikolaos Tselikas
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Mobile services and applications, software engineering, middleware technologies, context-aware services, location based services, network services.
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Konstantinos Yiannopoulos
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Optical wireless systems, short-range infrared systems, protocol analysis and optimization, outdoor systems, optical wireless channel equalization, compensation techniques.
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Konstantinos Peppas
Research Interests: Digital Communications, MIMO systems, Cooperative Communications, Hardware Implementation of Communication Systems, Cognitive Radio, Fading Channels, Optical Wireless Communications, Communications Theory, Signal Processing for Communications, Applied Mathematics.
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Kyriaki Seklou
Academic Laboratory Instructor
Research Interests: Network protocols, routing algorithms, optical networks, switching technologies

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